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Hello, I am Michel Wilson, a Digital Content Writer, writing on behalf of Prestige Valuations. Prestige Valuations is an independent antique and jewellery Valuation service provider based in London, UK. Prestige Valuations provides high quality valuation services for jewelleries, watches, antiques, handbags and fine arts.

A jewellery valuation is the procedure through which qualified professional jewellery experts determine the market value of your jewellery. You will receive a report or document proving the piece’s given value. Other expensive items, such as watches, purses, and other assets, are also valued. This process is highly important and helps you a lot during the time of your needs. Jewellery is a precious asset which can help you in a lot of ways. Hence, evaluating your jewellery from a professional valuer is a mandatory step. Some professionals also offer their consumers with the service of bespoke jewellery in London along with…

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